Camping with Animals took place at Full Moon Resort in January 2013 with Animals As Leaders (Tosin Abasi, Matt Garstka, Javier Reyes) and special guest, Evan Brewer.

The curriculum concepts for this camp included a guitar tour, soloing/lead guitar techniques and writing, an Axe Fx class, performing and setting up a show on a visual and production level, watching an actual rehearsal of Animals As Leaders, plus classes with special guest and bass extraordinaire, Evan Brewer. 

I am a believer in giving praise where it is due and you guys did one heck of a job. I give you five stars on every detail about the camp. The musicians; the scheduling; the location; food; staff; attention to our needs; value.... everything! I told Amy, you made dreams come true for these musicians. Animals is Teddy’s favorite group. Evan Brewer is Teddy’s favorite bass player. You think you made a dream come true? You put together something he’ll never forget and nor will I. You are very creative business people in the music world and you have a very unique and special product that impacts peoples lives so positively. Evan, Tosin, Javier and Matt worked hard. These guys were a blast to be with; they were super professional and very effective teachers. Perfect match for a camp. We’ll be back next year and I’ll attend as a musician / camper. You can count on us being there every year.”

— Ted Soulopulos, CWA 2013