“Over the past years I’ve enjoyed conducting guitar workshops around the world. Up until fairly recently they have been 2 or 3 hour one day events going over a huge amount of ground. Students have always wanted more but there has been little time or opportunity. I then moved to multiple day workshops for small groups and found that the continuity allowed much more satisfaction and ‘hands on’ learning that resulted in some great improvements in both my instruction and the students’ playing.
Recently in Australia, I finally moved to a fully dedicated large-scale teaching institution over several days with support instructors and found that this format is the best use of my time, and the student’s time. It allowed for some one-on-one, student jams, and just getting to know one another.
When I was presented with the opportunity to do a camp in the USA with similar format to Australia, the timing was perfect and I can finally bring together a large group to work on generally playing guitar, or playing my music specifically. We’ll be able to break out groups into several skill levels and style interests. And of course I’ll be able to play a lot of music for you as well! I’m inviting some top players to assist me including Dr. John Knowles, cgp.
I invite you and your guitar to attend the camp. It’s open to players of all ages and skill levels. Bring your family (although they may not see much of you), since the facility allows for family housing and the area provides lots of activities.”

— Tommy Emmanuel